hello west coast.

i found it.  i found the next thing.  it’s ywam.  i’m leaving in june.

i’m moving to salem, oregon in june to participate in crossroads discipleship training school.  i’ll be hanging out with families, single people, empty-nesters…we’ll be in lecture for 3-months then outreach for 3-months.  sweet!  i’m so excited to get started on this journey.

why ywam?  1. global persepctive.  i want to see the world, i want to visit places that no one else wants to visit.  i want to serve people who are often ignored.  2. 149 countries.  ywam has over 1000 bases in 149 countries.  lots of options.  3. staff opportunities.  after completing dts i am eligible to apply for a staff position.  yes please 🙂

so the next few months are filled with paperwork, appointments, support-raising…and having fun!  i know i’ll be sad to leave michigan…my family, my friends, my church, my job…but i can’t wait to see what is waiting for me in oregon.  i’ve lived on the east coast before, now it’s time for me to check out the west coast.  i think it rains a lot in oregon.  oh well, good thing i have these cute boots!