never a dull moment :)

hey friends!  hope you are well!  did you love those pictures?  those kids are a barrel of laughs…

so…i’m learning that when i surrender my plans and let the Lord guide my steps i should expect the unexpected.  a few weeks ago my friends from YWAM Salem called and mentioned that i was the only student enrolled in the CDTS summer program…the YWAM Salem CDTS was cancelled for the summer.  so after much prayer i made the decision to transfer my application to YWAM Chico in northern california.  at the moment, YWAM Chico is processing my application and i’m submitting several more forms.  so nothing is nailed down quite yet, i’m still waiting on the official acceptance.  oh, and this DTS doesn’t start until the end of august.  i’ll be in michigan for the summer – partyin’ it up with my fam!  yes, and working too…

it was hard for me to make this decision – i certainly didn’t make it quick.  i questioned why i didn’t know about YWAM Chico when i made my initial YWAM decision, why YWAM Salem seemed so right if it was not meant to be…i feared that my decision would seem selfish – like i found something cooler than Oregon.  then i remembered the theme of my story right now…many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails…oh yeah.  it doesn’t matter why any of this happened – the Lord is guiding me and YWAM Salem is not where he wants me.  YWAM Chico seems to be a bit more urban and that is a great fit for me –

things are still a little up in the air, but i’ll keep you updated!  you are all special to me.  in the meantime, if you’re reading this and wondering about mailing support – rest assured that if you sent it to YWAM Salem already, the base with forward it to YWAM Chico, or at whatever base i land.



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