a challenge…

i dropped my sister off at the movie theatre tonight and poked around the mall for a few minutes.  i ran into my sister’s youth pastor and his family…we chatted and i casually mentioned that i make new friends at the mall – i’m always getting into people’s business and being friendly with mall employees.  then it happened…i was challenged to make 5 friends at the mall, complete with names and pictures for facebook.  ignoring the fact that as the embarrassed proud owner of a dumb phone, i cannot upload phone pics with ease, i accepted the challenge.  while i didn’t meet 5 new people, i ran into a few employees i’ve seen before…cole and alexis.  two super cool girls who sell me fantastic shoes.  i saw alexis, we affirmed each other, like women do – “oh, i love your shirt,” and “don’t you love those shoes? i have them too,” then talked about our weekend plans before sharing a hi-five and saying bye.

as i left the mall i started thinking about the kind of person i want to be.  i want to be like Jesus…talking with people who are passed over.  in our self-focused culture, people who work in the service industry are often looked at as a means to an end – people who can deliver to me the item i want.  i want to see these people for who they are.  they matter to me because they matter to God.

my sister went to indianapolis a few weeks ago with her church youth group.  while she was gone she texted me, “we talked with the sweetest, sweetest homeless people tonight.”  get it girl.  that’s real life.  homeless people matter to her because the matter to God.  as i prepare for my adventure with YWAM, i am praying for a sensitive heart and ever-growing courage to hear the Holy Spirit and act according to his promptings.  i don’t want to miss a moment to interact with someone who has felt passed over or looked past.  who knows what kind of people i’ll meet.

“do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.” hebrews 13:2


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