i’m ready.

friends.  i’m leaving on wednesday…i’m leaving with a full heart.

as i reflect upon this season of waiting, the time i’ve had to prepare for this new journey, i feel happy.  the 2 years that passed since graduation did not look like i thought they would.  they also were more full of joy and life than i ever could have imagined.  i’ve experienced real life – wonderful corporate worship at church, life-giving small group, opportunities to grow in service, and relationships that are energizing and empowering.

in april when i made the shift from YWAM Salem to YWAM Chico, i felt frustrated that i would be waiting three whole months longer that i was anticipating since YWAM Chico starts on aug 29 instead of june 4 like YWAM Salem.  let me tell you, these summer months have filled me up to serve from my overflow.  the support and encouraging words i’ve received from my friends and family make is easy to begin this adventure.  i’m sad to leave these relationships but each person is coming with me through their love and support.

so here’s to a season ending…a season of nannying, lake michigan, biggby coffee, late-nite applebees…and to a new season beginning…a season of learning, reflection, growth, service, friends.

my mailing address for the next 5 months:

Erin Alley (DTS Aug 2012)

Youth With A Mission

15850 Richardson Springs Rd.

Chico, CA 95973

i have so much love for each one of you.  thanks friends.


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