feeling settled.

wow, friends.  i am so thankful for you.  friday was a low point – it was helpful for me to blog about the crazy feelings i was processing and you all were so encouraging!

i’m in a much better place now – still processing this situation, but i feel more emotionally stable 🙂  so i’d like to give you the low-down on my DTS here in Chico.

the base is beautiful – i live in the mountains, with sulfur springs and hiking trails all around.  i went on my first hike here yesterday and word on the street is that we hauled on our way up – it usually takes between 30-45 minutes one way and we got up the mountain in 20…woah!  it was beautiful.  the lodge i live in is a common space i share with 5 other young ladies, 1 guy, and a family of 3.  it’s so wonderful to have every single meal prepared for me – the staff prepares meals, and i might too if that is my work duty.  thursday and friday were orientation days – we got to know each other, learned about ywam, and became oriented to the base.

monday the fun begins – we have the same daily schedule throughout the week…breakfast is a 6:45 each day, then class begins at 8.  i’m so looking forward to learning again in a lecture-style environment (i know that makes me a little dorky) and sitting under someone’s teaching.  we have a creative journaling assignment each week – the creative part won’t be hard for me at all, surprise surprise.

i have no idea where our outreach will be – you better believe i’ll tell you as soon as i know – i’m dying to know!  also, the cell phone service is nearly non-existent here in the mountains and our internet access is restricted during the week…facebook is pretty reliable in terms of communication – i just can’t check FB whenever i want.  the texting and phone conversations are not happening very often…

okay – thanks for sticking with me, this is quite an experience.  even at my lowest this last week, i knew i needed to stay here and absorb all that this DTS has for me, i appreciate the safety and comfort of my friends and family to honestly share what’s been rough.

love you friends.  peace.


One thought on “feeling settled.

  1. Hi, Erin! Just read your blog. Very inspiring! You mom sent me the link. Maybe your outreach will be here in Monterey. Wouldn’t THAT be cool!?! If you still need financial support, Nita and I would like to provide some to you. God is your rock and your refuge and your strength. He is all sufficient and able to meet every need that you have.

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