week one…done.

so much has happened this week, friends!

lecture phase of DTS began with a week of teaching from our base director, Dale Harrison, on the subject of intimacy with God.  wow friends, i was rocked this week.  i have such a strong sense of being in the refiner’s fire – being purified and stripped of anything that keeps me from seeing God’s glory and that is a hard place to be.  but i feel so confident that i will be more radiant when i’m done here…and that’s good.

we began our work duties for the 3-months – i’m on breakfast duty!  not so fun – i have to be in the kitchen between 5:30 and 6am with my fellow breakfast prep friend, but between 3-5p when everyone else is out working i’m home relaxing…well, using the internet because it it is turned on at 3p each day 🙂

dear friends, you are special to me and i think about you often.  i wish i could send you each a personal update and message – for right now this will have to do.  when i get home i’ll have coffee with each of you and tell you all about this journey.

love you all.


One thought on “week one…done.

  1. Glad you’re having a great time!! When you’re not busy, let’s have a crafting Skype date! 🙂 Miss you Girlie!! See you soon! 🙂

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