week three…truth box.

this week in lecture we talked about truth…who is God and who am i?  God is who he says he is and i am who he says i am.  this was a good week – a lot of review from my worldview class at focus on the family, but it was a good week still.

this week i was challenged to set aside what i know in my mind about God – what I know from other people, what i know from books, even what i know from the Bible – and seek personal revelation about God.  i have a tendency to rely on what i know about God, because it feels safe and secure.  but i want to know God and his ways – that can only come through personal revelation.  and revelation brings transformation – transformation is my goal.  so my time here is starting to look different – i am here to set aside distractions and seek the Lord’s face…to seek personal revelation about the character of God.  i’m being more intentional about the way i use my free time – i want to rest in the stillness and silence instead of running to facebook, music, and people.

i only have 120 days left here…last week i was counting down the days til i got my freedom back.  today i count down the days with psalm 90:12 in mind, “so teach us to number our days that we may gain a heart of wisdom.”  i am seeking a heart of wisdom.  God gave me this special season to take a break from learning about him and begin seeking him.

“you will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart.”  jeremiah 29:13


One thought on “week three…truth box.

  1. Dear Erin, Thank you for your journal and your transparentcy. God is working in ways you couldn’t imaging in the past. Love you, Grandpa.
    PS if you need some capital letters, i could fed ex you some.

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