week four…and outreach announcement!

hey friends – this week was so great.  we had this teaching called the divine plumb line, led by jerry praetzel.  the idea is that we all build walls based on lies we hear from false prophets in our lives.  the walls we build keep us disconnected, which is the opposite of the kingdom of God.  we were made for community and authenticity.  ezekiel 13:14 talks about breaking down whitewashed walls and in the process seeing the Lord.  so after two days of lecture, we spent time with our classmates breaking down walls.  some of us had deep pain and hurt we had to heal from, some of us caused deep pain and hurt we had to repent of…but each one of us had walls broken down.  the atmosphere of our classroom kept getting lighter and lighter as we brought lies to the light and replaced them with truth.  it was so wonderful, friends.  i am walking in new freedom – and settling into a lifestyle of openness and brokenness.  i want my life to be open and accessible to other people – so i have to open it first and clean out the lies.  the greatest tool for ministry i have is my life – being open about how Jesus healed the brokenness in my life and inviting others to walk in healing and freedom.

the glory of God is man fully alive.

also…i know where i’m going on outreach.  if you haven’t heard, i’m going to Belize and Guatemala.  i’m so over-the-moon happy – the Lord put Belize in my heart several months ago as a place I’d love to serve and i cannot believe how quickly that chance came!  i am still in the process of support-raising – i have $2000 left to pay for my outreach phase.  if you feel called to support me financially, you can send a check to YWAM Chico, written out to YWAM with my name in the memo line.

Mail to:

Youth With A Mission: Registrar

15850 Richardson Springs Rd.

Chico, CA 95973

have i mentioned how much i love you all?  thank you for praying for me – keep praying that i would be fully present in this process, that my support would come in, and that i would have clear direction for the next piece of this journey.  i’ll keep you posted!


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