weeks 6 and 7.

greetings from sunny california!  i am so thankful that the weather has remained warm and sunny – it does wonders for my mood 🙂

sorry i am behind on the blogging – life hit me hard the last 2 weeks…week 6 was lecture on spiritual warfare and our whole base knew it – we were all engaged in spiritual battles that week!  i struggled with a very self-critical attitude – i realized that i was carrying around this sack…a sack that was full of what i wasn’t doing well, what i needed to learn, what i needed to do better.  it was a heavy sack and i felt weary.  i was believing all these lies from the enemy – i wasn’t doing a good job, i was letting God down, i wasn’t going to succeed, i might miss something and then mess this up…i just let these lies swirl around in my head and i was so tired.  last week on friday, i set that sack down before the Lord and renounced the lies i was believing.  but i kept looking at the sack, worrying about it, struggling to not pick it up again and i was overcome with anxiety.  i was afraid to be alone with my thoughts – afraid that i would pick the sack back up.

this past week, week 7, our lecture was about hearing God’s voice.  i realized that my stinking thinking was clogging the canals of my mind, keeping me from hearing God’s voice.  i want God’s thoughts to be my thoughts and God’s heart to be my heart – so you better believe i am keeping my mind clear!  God is unlocking new ministries and new desires in my heart and i am continually renewing my mind so i can hear His voice.  i have the authority to grab the lies and throw them out of my mind – i can walk in freedom and never go back to that place of captivity.  each morning i can put on the mind of Christ and speak His truth to others.

so friends, that’s where i am – God is good and faithful!  less than 4 weeks til Guatemala and Belize – please keep my team in your prayers.  i appreciate each one of you!

peace to you.


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