outreach week 1

dear friends!

i’ve been in Guatemala nearly a week – it’s been an adventure! God is working everyday to order our steps right to the ministries and opportunities He has for us. this week we’ve spent lots of time outside. we take the bus into Antigua and pray around the city, and talk with people. we also walk around our little neighborhood praying for the families that live near us. this week we visited a school and played with kids there, we fed homeless people, delivered food to families in the neighborhood, and hosted kids club at the base.

the name of this outreach game is “go with the flow” so i really have no idea what’s next. God is growing me in that area, i’m not always comfortable in that position. all i know is that the next 6 weeks are going to fly by, and before i know it outreach will be over.

thanks for your prayer support – my team has generally been healthy so far. today in particular i’m feeling tired and a bit overwhelmed by the pace with which our days go by – we are busy busy busy. there’s lots of stimulation and it’s getting to me – i’m thankful for our day off tomorrow. keep praying for peace.

much love to each of you, i couldn’t do this without your support.




happy thanksgiving!

it’s been 86 days since i was in michigan and i have 48 days left in guatemala. thanksgiving looks different today. as I reflect upon this year, especially the days i’ve had in DTS, my heart is full! i’m thankful for my friends and family who support me in prayer and financially! my whole DTS team left on outreach with 100% support – that hardly happens. i am thankful for the opportunity to minister to the people of guatemala; it’s an honor to represent Jesus here. i am thankful that God loves me no matter what – i haven’t done life everyday the best i could, but that doesn’t matter. each night when i go to bed i know God delights in me and is proud of me. that’s good stuff! this season has not been what i expected it to be, but God is so good and He’s used everyday to prepare me for the next. So here i am, laying on my bunk bed in antigua, full from my guatemalan lunch, surrounded by my ywamily (ywam family), basking in God’s goodness! not the thanksgiving i anticipated but just the thanksgiving i needed.

i will give to the LORD the thanks due to his righteousness, and i will sing praise to the name of the LORD, the Most High. {psalm 7:17}

YWAM Antigua

hey friends.

i arrived in antigua, guatemala today while you all were getting out of church. my team left chico on saturday nite, traveled through the night with 5 children and arrived safely with really no hassles! thank you for praying for us – there were some times that could have been much worse…so your prayers were powerful!

the country is beautiful – i love it here! as long as we’re on the ywam base I will have internet access to keep you updated! i’m also blogging for ywam on behalf of my entire team, so once I get that going i’ll share it with you too!

i still don’t really have an idea of the ministries we’ll support here, but my team has prepared dramas and testimonies, as well as some kids programs and puppet shows. as i know more i’ll let you know.

i hope you each know how special you are to me – your prayer means more than you can imagine! i know God is doing big things in me – He prepared me for this trip in some very specific ways and i know He will do great things through my team and me. keep praying for peace.

i love you all dearly.

it’s the last week…

hey friends!

i only have 4 more sleeps til i leave for outreach – wow!  i can’t believe how quickly the time has gone!  when i got here to ywam chico and lecture phase began – outreach seemed so far away…but the time has nearly come.

as i prepare for outreach i am overwhelmed with the honor that i have to carry God’s Kingdom into Guatemala.  i am so thankful for God’s grace – it is sufficient, precisely cut to meet my needs – no matter how needy i feel in Guatemala i will have the same measure of grace bestowed upon me.

please pray for my team and for me as we prepare to leave.  pray peace over us – pray that the peace of Christ would rule in our hearts.  pray for safety and protection – i believe we travel and minister with a special grace and anointing for this time.  God called us here and will keep us safe.  pray for unity – i believe my team’s greatest strength and ministry will be the testimony of our unity.  we will be an unstoppable force and presence in Guatemala in our unity.  pray that each person would keep no accounts of wrongdoing and that each one of us would choose the highest good for the others.

i’ll update the blog as best as i can – otherwise check Facebook for updates too…i love you all so much and am thankful that you are part of this journey!

weeks 8 & 9


i cannot believe that i’m leaving for Guatemala in two weeks!  i want to thank you all for the part you are playing in this adventure – a piece of each one of you is coming with me on outreach…between your financial support, your prayers, and encouraging words, i am so blessed and cared for!  i am about $100 away from paying off my school/outreach fees – thanks for stepping up friends – you’re support means so much to me.  i am honored to go on outreach on your behalf – i’m representing you all as i go – we are invading Guatemala and Belize as ambassadors of the Kingdom of God.

these last weeks of lecture were wonderful – two more weeks about hearing God’s voice and becoming more aware of His presence, tapping into the Holy Spirit’s power for evangelism and ministry.  so much is happening – too much to even tell you on the blog, i must have coffee with each of you when i get home so we can talk in person.  God is so good!

i’m beginning to settle on some future directions for the season of life when DTS is over…i can’t wait to share some details with you 🙂  in the meantime – my mom sent me these verses today…i’m claiming them for my future ministry – they so perfectly articulate the desires of my heart.  so i’ll leave you with this:

even though i am free of the demands and expectations of everyone, i have voluntarily become a servant to any and all in order to reach a wide range of people: religious, nonreligious, meticulous moralists, loose-living immoralists, the defeated, the demoralized – whoever.  i didn’t take on their way of life.  i kept my bearings in Christ – but i entered their world and tried to experience things from their point of view.  i’ve become just about every sort of servant there is in my attempts to lead those i meed into a God-saved life.  i did all of this because of the Message.  i didn’t just want to talk about it; i wanted to be in on it.

1 corinthians 9:19-23