it’s the last week…

hey friends!

i only have 4 more sleeps til i leave for outreach – wow!  i can’t believe how quickly the time has gone!  when i got here to ywam chico and lecture phase began – outreach seemed so far away…but the time has nearly come.

as i prepare for outreach i am overwhelmed with the honor that i have to carry God’s Kingdom into Guatemala.  i am so thankful for God’s grace – it is sufficient, precisely cut to meet my needs – no matter how needy i feel in Guatemala i will have the same measure of grace bestowed upon me.

please pray for my team and for me as we prepare to leave.  pray peace over us – pray that the peace of Christ would rule in our hearts.  pray for safety and protection – i believe we travel and minister with a special grace and anointing for this time.  God called us here and will keep us safe.  pray for unity – i believe my team’s greatest strength and ministry will be the testimony of our unity.  we will be an unstoppable force and presence in Guatemala in our unity.  pray that each person would keep no accounts of wrongdoing and that each one of us would choose the highest good for the others.

i’ll update the blog as best as i can – otherwise check Facebook for updates too…i love you all so much and am thankful that you are part of this journey!


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