YWAM Antigua

hey friends.

i arrived in antigua, guatemala today while you all were getting out of church. my team left chico on saturday nite, traveled through the night with 5 children and arrived safely with really no hassles! thank you for praying for us – there were some times that could have been much worse…so your prayers were powerful!

the country is beautiful – i love it here! as long as we’re on the ywam base I will have internet access to keep you updated! i’m also blogging for ywam on behalf of my entire team, so once I get that going i’ll share it with you too!

i still don’t really have an idea of the ministries we’ll support here, but my team has prepared dramas and testimonies, as well as some kids programs and puppet shows. as i know more i’ll let you know.

i hope you each know how special you are to me – your prayer means more than you can imagine! i know God is doing big things in me – He prepared me for this trip in some very specific ways and i know He will do great things through my team and me. keep praying for peace.

i love you all dearly.


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