outreach week 1

dear friends!

i’ve been in Guatemala nearly a week – it’s been an adventure! God is working everyday to order our steps right to the ministries and opportunities He has for us. this week we’ve spent lots of time outside. we take the bus into Antigua and pray around the city, and talk with people. we also walk around our little neighborhood praying for the families that live near us. this week we visited a school and played with kids there, we fed homeless people, delivered food to families in the neighborhood, and hosted kids club at the base.

the name of this outreach game is “go with the flow” so i really have no idea what’s next. God is growing me in that area, i’m not always comfortable in that position. all i know is that the next 6 weeks are going to fly by, and before i know it outreach will be over.

thanks for your prayer support – my team has generally been healthy so far. today in particular i’m feeling tired and a bit overwhelmed by the pace with which our days go by – we are busy busy busy. there’s lots of stimulation and it’s getting to me – i’m thankful for our day off tomorrow. keep praying for peace.

much love to each of you, i couldn’t do this without your support.



One thought on “outreach week 1

  1. Oh how I LOVE hearing about your time in Guate! Such a beautiful country and people! Praying for strength while you’re there! Try to enjoy each moment – it will be over before you know what hit you! Love ya!

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