Lake Atitlan

so friends – i have 18 days left here in guatemala. my team has been at lake atitlan working with Pastor Antonio. we’ve done lots of kids ministry…which has been fun for me. i’m practicing my spanish, using it as often as i can – i really love speaking spanish here! trying to use my spanish here is another way i can honor the people here, to learn and serve in this beautiful country.

in other news – i visited a doctors office this week while we were in San Pedro. i noticed a swollen bite on my ankle on sunday nite when we got here. the bite kept swelling and was very hot and red. so on tuesday morning, after a nite full of pain, i went to the doctor. over the course of this week i received 3 steroid shots and took 6 doses of antibiotic. finally my foot and ankle looks normal again – i’m so happy!

today is a day off and we return to antigua tomorrow. i’m excited to spend christmas with my teammates in another culture, but i miss my family traditions and comforts. i’m thankful for each of you and the blessing you are to me!




One thought on “Lake Atitlan

  1. It’s been great reading about your adventures and hearing what God is doing through you! We are well here and looking forward to seeing you again.

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