Christmas in Guatemala

dear friends! i hope you had a wonderful Christmas. here in antigua i celebrated the holiday with my ywam family, or ywamily 🙂 on Christmas Eve we went into town to buy a gifts for a secret Santa swap. then we spent the afternoon cooking and hanging out. i got to talk to my sister since it was her birthday and see my extended family that was gathered at my house for a meal. it was so nice to see them! i went to Christmas Eve mass at the church in our neighborhood and then watched a crazy fireworks display at midnight.

on Christmas morning we ate brunch then swapped our secret Santa gifts. it was a nice relaxing morning. we had free time in the afternoon – i spent most of it cooking with missy and kasey. our Christmas dinner was a feast – we had deviled eggs and nacho dip, Danish meatballs and turkey, potatoes and mixed veggies, and stuffing. it was delicious! we watched elf during dinner and ended the night with a team talent show. i think we recorded each act so i’ll try posting a video of my talent…

as of today we have 13 days of outreach left. pray that the joy of the Lord is our strength. there is lots of laughter with our team and as the weeks pass by please pray that we have more laughter and joy! i’m excited to see what the next 2 weeks will bring – i’ll keep you updated! lots of love to you all!




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