last days in Guatemala

wow friends! i cannot believe i’m leaving guatemala on wednesday…at times it felt like this moment was a long ways away but right now it feels like the weeks flew by. after Christmas, we spent more time in antigua doing ministry. we visited a cool place called village of hope in san lucas, guatemala. this is a ministry that places special needs orphans in homes with guatemalan foster parents who all live on the same property, creating a community of sorts. the ministry is just getting off the ground so we spent time doing construction to help the team prepare to welcome children. i’ve met several wonderful new friends who i hope to stay in touch with.

we are currently serving in guatemala city until we return to california. we visited an orphanage and spent time loving the kids. international adoptions from guatemala are closed and in general guatemalan families aren’t adopting these children. it’s been interesting to visit the various orphanages here, we’ve worked in 3, and consider what my sister’s life could have been. she was an orphan in china for one year before she became part of our family i can’t imagine my precious baby sister spending her whole life without a family around her. i can’t help but look at these beautiful children and want to give them all a family. i’m so happy my family could change the life of one orphan – she has a new identity forever, she’s a daughter and sister now. today we celebrate her adoption that happened sixteen years ago.

so there is one week left in DTS before i’m home in michigan. we leave guatemala on wednesday after a day or so of debrief. then in chico we have a few days more of debrief as well as graduation. i am looking forward to going to my church in chico next sunday before i fly back to michigan on the 14th. my dear friends and family – i am so thankful for you and your support. i could not have done this without your prayer and support! i love you all!