setting up the pins.

i’ve been home 72 days.

there is so much to tell you about.  as i find the words to describe how i’ve changed since DTS i’ll write more about my experience.

for now, i wanted to drop in and say thanks for supporting me.  i’m so happy to be back in michigan with my friends and family nearby.  my days are filled with babysitting and reconnecting with friends.  i’m happy to be back at my church and excited for the new adventures that holds.

last week i went bowling with my other fam…the kids i cared for pre-DTS…all 7 of them, plus 3 adults.  what an adventure.  as i sat in the bowling alley i reflected upon the last 72 days.  sara wrote a song that perfectly captures this season of life:

…everyone, everywhere, some way, somehow, is setting up the pins for knocking ’em downyou can find joy in the fertile ground, you can try to fight it ’til your anger drowns…sing for the beauty that’s to be found in setting up the pins for knocking ’em down

…it can feel simple but it’s really profound…

sometimes i feel like my days are unproductive.  but they aren’t.  the most important task i have to accomplish everyday is to know God and make Him known.  if i’m doing that it doesn’t matter how unproductive or mundane all the other tasks appear.  the fact is, i am loving life right now.  i love that i’m back to my routines and bumping into the same cashier at target or barista at starbucks or server at applebee’s.  i love that i’m caring for kids.  i love the countless opportunities to be Jesus.  my heart wants to find joy and beauty everyday, even if i’m simply setting up pins for knocking them down.

setting up the pins


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